The Beginning

So, I’m starting a blog. I’ve wanted to write one for a while, but I had no unified theme or real purpose. Then, direction came. Enter purpose. Enter blog.

I am woman. I am fierce, independent, and kind. I am a yogi, a mother, a partner. I have struggled with my body image, and I know countless women have struggled in the same way. I’ve learned to work through the struggle, and come out mostly on the other side.

I want this blog to be a place to inspire, share, create conversation, and be really honest about the things that affect each of us, but yet we never discuss.

I spent an inordinate amount of time being critical of myself, especially my physical self. And when I finally learned to think differently about my body, my person, and my mind, the world opened up. It cracked, some things shattered, and the negative thought patterns became a little confused. I started to see the things differently, to experience them in a more genuine way. To be able to be present, without preoccupation about what someone might think of me.

So this blog is predicated on the idea that we as women have an incredible amount of power, and we’re giving it away to things we don’t believe in, that do not serve us, that only make us feel sad and defeated. This blog, and whatever projects come out of it, are about claiming our power, taking it back and using it for our own benefit.

My posts will revolve around my thoughts, challenges, and perspective on body image and self acceptance. I’ll share tidbits of my own journey in the hopes that they’ll help you on yours. But the real value comes in the interaction, so please comment below and share something about your own journey to self acceptance and body positivity, no matter where you are in it.